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Save the Date:  July 12-14


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Youth Sunday

youth band

On Youth Sunday, our students lead in musical worship,  greeting, ushering, sound, and PowerPoint!  While the young people serve faithfully each Wednesday night in Youth Group, using the talents God has given them to worship Him, Youth Sunday is our chance to serve our church family as well as serve the Lord.

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Meeting Times

  • Wednesdays – 6:00 PM – High School and Middle School students meet in the Youth House.
  • Sundays – 10:00 AM – High School and Middle School students attend the morning service.

Welcome to the Youth House

The youth house is where the Youth have their meetings, worship practice, small groups, and special events. It is located on our church grounds, behind the office and sanctuary buildings. During youth meetings and events, it is continually monitored by an adult.

Youth House

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Josh & Diana Kelley – High School Youth Leaders
Josh and Diana Kelly

Josh Kelley – (772-3688)
Diana Kelley –

Michael & Sarah Sharpnack – Ministry Assistants

Michael and Sarah Sharpneck

Michael Sharpnack – (928) 230-2649
Sarah Sharpnack –

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